Fasty Facts

The strongest straps on the market

With more than 40 years in the industry, FASTY has become the market leader in straps for light loads and packaging. FASTY is firmly established as the market’s foremost manufacturer of quality lashing straps. 
According to the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute (SP), our straps’ lashing strength is considerably higher than the values declared on the buckles. This strength is due to our in-house designed buckles combined with UV-resistant high tenacity polypropylene straps. The straps are available in a wide range of colours, and the customer’s trademark, logotype and slogans can also be woven into the fabric.

FASTY’s buckles are made of steel, which has many advantages over cast zinc buckles:

  • A larger opening makes the strap much easier to thread through the buckles, especially if work gloves are worn.
The buckles are both considerably stronger and lighter than a zinc buckle.
Another major advantage is the buckles’ high corrosion-resistance.
  • They are treated with one of the market’s best and most environmentally friendly anti-corrosive coatings, which meets the automotive industry’s strict anti-corrosion requirements.

FASTY is also the only manufacturer in the world to have developed special machines for the fully automatic fitting of buckles.

This solution is cost-effective and ensures maximum quality and reliability, since every single buckle is inspected before being fitted to the woven strap.
Read on to discover all of the advantages and options that we can offer you.

Buckles of Steel

FASTY has chosen to manufacture the buckles in steel, since this provides several benefits compared to equivalent moulded zinc buckles:

  • A larger opening where the belt is inserted. This makes mounting of the belt considerably easier, particularly when wearing work gloves.
  • The buckle is both considerably stronger and also lighter compared to zinc buckles.
  • A third great advantage is the resistance to corrosion our buckles achieve through one of the market’s best and most environmentally friendly corrosion protectors. This surface treatment meets the automotive industry’s very highly set requirements on corrosion protection.


FASTY also has, as the sole manufacturer in the world, developed special machines that assemble the buckles completely automatically, which creates cost efficiency. This means that quality and reliability are maximal, as each individual buckle is checked before it is mounted on the woven belt.

Extremely Durable Belts

The strongest straps on the market, now even stronger!


The Buckle – The steel buckles (much stronger than cast iron buckles or cast alloy buckles) are finished in black, environmentally friendly zinc/iron trivalent chrome. It is the best corrosion protection on the market. The FastyStrap buckles exceed the Volvo corrosion standard.

The buckle opens wide and the new stronger buckle spring enhance the strength and reliability.
All buckles are manufactured in proprietory automatic machines to ensure maximum reliability and consistency. Each buckle is tested before fitted to the strap.

Easy and Quick Operation – Experience how quick and easy the Fastystraps are to use: Insert the strap through the buckle – pull the strap tight and insert the strap end through the buckle loop. That’s it!

Color coded lengths – All standard straps are colored by size. The webbing ends are cut on an angle for easy insertion and heat sealed to prevent fraying.


The new Fasty Straps has been tested by the Swedish National Testing and Reserach Institute with impressive results. The 25mm wide straps proved a lashing strenght of 596 kg.  As far as we know, the strongest and most reliable buckle straps available on the market.
The Strap – Polypropylene straps with UV inhibitor make FastyStraps the strongest on the market.