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The 25mm TRANSPORT range is the market leader and the preferred strap for most trades. Colour coded to make size selection easy. Available as loose straps, twin packs and counter displays. Rated at 400kg break strength.

Standard Range

Twin Pack

Display Carton

Display Barrel

Universal Black Straps

Our BLACKLINE range is available in 25mm and lengths from 1m to 5m. When colour is not your priority or you want a strap that blends in. Ideal for many industrial and commercial applications including mining, hydraulics and more. Available as a single strap and in bulk. Rated at 400kg. Complies to AS/NZ4830:2001

Black Line

All Pack

This is our lighter range of straps, designed for camping and outdoor activities. Four sizes from small 20mm x 0.5m straps rated at 300kg to larger 25mm x 3m straps rated at 400kg. Available as a single strap, in twin packs and counter display.

Standard Range

Pin Pack

Display Carton


Our straps are equipped with buckles in zinc/nickel with very high anti-corrosion coating. They also come in following versions:

  • • Shiny high-design buckle
  • • MW4-20 "stainless" for very demanding external stress


Box Lift

FASTY BOXLIFT makes it possible to store large objects such as roof-top boxes or surf boards under the garage ceiling. The pack contains a suspension arrangement which can be easily secured to the garage ceiling above the car. This eliminates the need for lifting and also allows one person to remove and lift the object above the car.


Watch the Boxlift instructional video

Text Strap

Straps and belts supplied by FASTY have no limitations. If we do not have the strap that you need, we will manufacture one especially for you. The materials used in our straps are polyester and polypropylene. You can decide on the colours, attachments and piercings yourself. You can also receive straps with text woven into the material in your company's colours and logo

The straps are sewn with a lap-over stitch or loop stitch to give the best lashing strength. To avoid scratching, heat cutting is also performed at a very high temperature. The buckles are available in various materials and have various types of surface treatment, depending on the application and the weather conditions.

Custom Straps

Merchandise Kits

In our retail range you will find FASTY straps in colorful packaging for securing loads and lighter lashing that will increase sales in your store.





Fire Retardant Anti Static (FRAS) strap. Made from double fire retardant polyester, halogen free with antistatic threads.

FRAS Strap

Cargo Nets

FASTY CARGO NET is available in two convenient sizes for securing your load on a trailer, roof rack etc. Dual elastic rubber rope at the outer edges of the net for safer loading. Comes in handy storage bag.

Cargo Net


Fasty bike is used when transporting your vehicle. Use BIKE both when loading on trailer or to anchor the most proper wa in the business. Simple - safe and tidy .